Original 化学 Building 1897 between mining 和 the library

第一个专用的化学楼(中)在左边的第一个矿山建设和右边的图书馆之间; C。 1897年照片由威廉·莱特奥利弗,或他的儿子。礼貌班克罗夫特图书馆。 

化学 has been part of Berkeley since the University's founding in 1868. The chemist Robert Fisher was one of the first ten faculty to be hired. He was sent to Europe to buy equipment as it was generally unavailable in the United States at the time. In 1869 he taught classes, open to the publc, in the temporary downtown Oakl和 campus "with chemical demonstrations". The department of chemistry was officially founded four years later in 1872 making our college 147 years old in 2019. Willard B. Rising arrived in 1872 as the first official professor of chemistry after the College was established.

South Hall 1895

(图片:南厅c.1900 |礼貌班克罗夫特图书馆) Chemistry was Initially housed—along with physics and the library—in South Hall, the first building to be completed on the Berkeley campus. In 1890 a handsome, dedicated brick building was constructed for the college on what is now the site of Hildebrand Hall. In time it came to be known as “The Old Chemistry Building,” and when it finally fell to the wrecker’s ball to make room for more modern facilities in 1966, its cupola was preserved. The cupola now sits in the  化学 Plaza above Giauque Laboratory, a reminder of the days when the college rose from a small institution to an internationally acclaimed center for teaching 和 research in the chemical sciences.

A young Gilbert Newton Lewis

谁是为学院的声名鹊起主要负责个人是 吉尔伯特牛顿·刘易斯, who became dean in 1912 and served until 1941. During those years the number of undergraduate degrees awarded annually grew from an average of seven to more than sixty, and the number of Ph.D.s from one per year to more than a dozen. The faculty also grew—both in numbers and distinction. Lewis’s recruits included Wendell M. Latimer, Joel H. Hildebrand, and Kenneth Pitzer, as well as future Nobel Prize winners William F. Giauque, Willard F. Libby, Melvin Calvin, and Glenn T. Seaborg. Known particularly for its work in physical chemistry, the college also developed a reputation in nuclear chemistry, especially after the development of the cyclotron 和 the Radiation Laboratory under the leadership of physicist Ernest Lawrence.

In order to accommodate the continued growth in faculty and students, the college acquired several other buildings in the Lewis years: the Chemistry Auditorium (built in 1913 and razed in 1959 to make way for Latimer Hall); the Freshman Chemistry Laboratory (built in 1915 and razed in 1962 to clear the site for the Physical Sciences Lecture Hall, now known as George C. Pimentel Hall); the 化学 Annex, more popularly known as the “Rat House” (also built in 1915 and razed to clear the site for Hildebrand Hall in 1966); and the still-st和ing 吉尔曼大厅 (建于1917年)。 

Seaborg in the lab(图像:格伦吨。西博格在实验室),它是在房间307吉尔曼大厅,在1941年,那 博士。格伦·西博格 及其同事发现钚的第一个已知的同位素;吉尔曼大厅已被确定为经国家化学史里程碑 美国化学学会。也是在20世纪40年代,化学工程计划成立后,被授予诺贝尔奖三名伯克利教授和刘易斯的大厅被修建。

世界战后第二年是一个周期扩张和重建:有机化学得到加强,和化学工程1947年教授汉森,托比亚斯在1945年成为一个真正的程序,Vermeulen的,和威尔克曾留校任教,pH值.D。计划在化学工程落成。 1957年,化工被确定为皇冠体育网站内的一个独立部门。

darleane霍夫曼 in the Lab

As postwar enrollments soared, Lewis Hall was built in 1948, and enrollments largely continued to rise throughout the second half of the 20th century. Much of the increase was the result of growth in chemical engineering that included such new technologies as the processing of electronic devices and biochemical engineering. Several fields were also added in chemistry—notably structural biology, synthetic chemistry, and chemical physics. In addition, the organic and inorganic groups 和 the theoretical groups were further strengthened. Notable women faculty joined the College including darleane霍夫曼朱迪思klinman。 (图片:在实验室darelane霍夫曼)


In response to the higher enrollments and the need for increasingly modern laboratory space, facilities for research and teaching were successively constructed: Giauque Hall (the Low Temperature Laboratory) in 1954 (renovated in the 1980s for Nobel laureate Yuan T. Lee), Latimer Hall in 1962, Hildebrand Hall in 1966, and the much-needed Tan Kah Kee Hall in 1997. The Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989 prompted a campus-wide reassessment of seismic safety, and comprehensive retrofits of Hildebrand 和 Latimer Halls were completed in 2002.

Lab in color

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