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迈克尔℃。 kumpf, CHMM
Assistant Dean, Facilities Operations & Research Safety

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联系: 迈克尔℃。 kumpf, (510)643-0648

All renovations, such as alterations, modifications or additions to building spaces, systems, or equipment, must be pre-approved by the College Facilities Committee, chaired by Michael C. Kumpf. Regardless of the funding source, no renovations may be performed without prior committee approval. This Facility Committee consists of: the Dean of the College, Associate Executive Dean, Assistant Deans, Facility Manager 和 Direct要么 of the EHS&S Program.




皇冠体育网站 建设(设施)的管理 Unit is responsible for coordination of maintenance and repairs the seven-building College Complex. For 化学 and Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering departments properly functioning building systems are critical for the success of the departments' instructional and scientific research activities. CoC Facility Management Mission is to do their utmost to ensure that these buildings 和 building systems are maintained in their optimal condition. The Facilities Management Unit is also responsible f要么 emergency response, security, and protection of the occupants and operations during renovations and utility repairs, and maintenance.

小册子“谁做的!哪里可以找到它!该怎么办呢平安!”是化学传统的大学。在七十年代中期硬拷贝首先出现,现在是PDF格式。 “谁不会呀!......”,正如它的名字所暗示的,概述了从安全和应急方案,以服务单位的化学复杂的大学。这是任何大学乘员必须有资源。它要求所有建设占用阅读和理解的安全部分“谁做呢!......”开始在大学任何工作之前。 (看到 大楼管理文件 下面下载“谁做呢!......”)